we believe creating excellent VISUAL CONTENT IS THE true ESSENCE OF any BRAND COMMUNICATION. 

Our seasoned visual portfolio consists of great projects for both local and international SMB's, NGO's and NPO's. We especially believe in the power of informative, visually pleasing and professional brand content as an engine for marketing and sales excellence. Take a look at some of our previous work. If you like our mindset and skills, let's talk! 

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Playground Energy

Task: A kinetic energy playground equipment manufacturer with 4 years market presence and orders from around the world was looking for the visual catalogue to match the essence of the brand. 

What we did: Our team reimagined the way Playground Energy presented themselves in the industry, with a fresh, to-the-point and clean visual material in vivid colours and informative copy, matching the core of the product.

La Hacienda

Task: A Groningen based assisted living NGO with several locations needed new, visually inviting brand materials to aid in their cause of helping young people find their independence. 

What we did: We built their online presence through a new website design and logo, as well as a whole set of colourful offline brand materials. The concept behind the visuals was to keep the brand’s essence as an inviting, friendly and a community building NGO.

First Estates

Task: This new-comer to the luxury real-estate market in Sofia, Bulgaria was looking for a fresh entry point to continue building his brand presence and assert their dominance as a modern, client-oriented real-estate brokerage. 

What we did: As part of our general Outsourced Marketing Services Package, we have developed a series of informational infographics, which aim to target in an engaging way the potential customers of First Estates. They are distributed as pre-sales materials for potential real-estate clients and as interesting content shared with selected media, as a source of additional exposure for the brand. 

CLS Solar

Task: A new-comer to the solar park construction field in Europe was looking for a modern representation in an old-school industry. Our task was to match their level of professionalism to their visual brand presentation. 

What we did: Complete logo revamp and the creation of a stylish, functional and informative trifold brochure to be used in fairs, as a pre-sales material. The brochure was designed to convey a high level of credibility of the company in the eyes of bigger partners in the industry. The shift in branding has aided in doubled sales and new solar park projects for CLS Solar in just 3 months’ time.

actionaid infographics space

Task: An international development organization fighting poverty on a global scale, ActionAid’s Dutch brand was looking for a creative way to showcase different campaign results to donators in a transparent and informative way. 

What we did: This series of infographics aims to visually display big sets of data and to humanize and personalize the outcomes of donation campaigns for the NGO in the Netherlands. Our research shows that the majority of NGOs suffer from lack of transparency in fund distribution, which is why they suffer from low trust levels in some target markets. These infographics, distributed through ActionAid’s online and offline communication channels, battle exactly this issue in a visually pleasing and effective way. 



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